Ignat Ignatov - artist


Education - Mechanical Engineer


Experience in practical and decorative metal work - over 30 years. Long time experience in the National Institute for Practical arts of the Bulgarian Artists Union, as a manager of studio and as copper art processing worker and author.




Life long work with metal.  And art.  Those two do not contradict they complete each other.  Something more - sometimes wonderful result may be achieved.  Practical experience and theoretical knowledge  allow the fulfilling of interesting ideas.  From the idea through the designing to the realization, the one and only purpose is - positive emotion.  Actually that is the core purpose of the art.  Joy from the sight or ownership of certain object. If that joy is missing, then it is not art.  The shared joy from an accomplished goal or designed product is may be the most human joy.  It has no currency equivalent. But, the road from the idea to the final product is not emotional.  Needed are a lot patience knowledge and experience.  The idea is a good thing, but it has to be put to life.  After all, the best idea is the realized one.




The technologies and the techniques, which I use of forging the jewelry, are completely authors.

Nadezhda Grigirova - assistant of artist


 and Nadezhda  Grigorova


Assistant - design,

workmanship and

companion in life. 

In with one word - Nada.


Felt - jewelry and accessories

Nada - Nadezhda Grigorova

Ignat Ignatov - artist, jewelry maker

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